Letter from Mr. Fred Frisco

Dear Parents and Guardians:

On behalf of the Administration and staff at Re-Education Services I wanted to reach out to you in these challenging times to tell you “WE” are here for you and your family. Please feel free to reach out and leave a voice message if you have questions or concerns and someone will get back to you. Mentor Campus 440-257-3131 or Bedford Campus 440-232-9055.

We have been following the developments in the COVID-19 crisis in the State of Ohio. In response to the latest directive from Governor Mike DeWine advising against gatherings of 100 individuals or more in an indoor environment due to the increasing spread of Coronavirus COVID-19.

UPDATE: The Governor’s Shelter in Place (Stay Home) order, which became effective at midnight on March 23, 2020, extends through 11:59pm May 1, 2020.

Re-Education Services will be closed through at least May 1, 2020. We ask that you spend time explaining the seriousness of “social distancing” and help your child understand that these challenges will pass with time.

Re-Education Services will contact families if this closure is extended past the May 1, 2020 time frame.

Please be assured that our teachers and staff continue to coordinate our remote learning plans. Your child’s teacher should have reached out to you already and educational planning has been implemented. Again, if you have questions please contact your child’s teacher or one of our building Administrators.

We will continue to keep you posted as we follow the Governor’s directives.

Best to you and your families!


Fredrick A. Frisco


Re-Education Services


Letter to Parents/Guardians

Dear Parents/Guardians: 

Given these uncertain times, Re-Education Services wants you to know that we are here for you and will be available to answer questions throughout the time that we are away from school.  The best way to communicate with us is through email.  

Stacey Johnson-Building Supervisor/school therapist – Mentor – sjohnson@re-edserv.com

Angie Colvin – Building Supervisor – Bedford – acolvin@re-edserv.com

Tracey Grasgreen- Family and Community Liaison – tgrasgreen@re-edserv.com 

General coping strategies and tips to reduce stress. 

When things feel uncertain or don’t feel safe, it’s normal to feel stressed. Right now many of us are worried about COVID-19, or also known as “Coronavirus,” but there are helpful strategies to use to prevent further stress. It’s important to note that we are not helpless in light of current news events.  We always choose our response.  If you are struggling, here are some things you can do to take care of your mental health in the face of uncertainty: 

  1. Separate what is in your control and what is not! Wash your hands, remind others to do the same, cover your mouth with your elbow/arm when coughing and/or sneezing, take your vitamins, limit your consumption of social media and the news.  
  1. Do what helps you feel a sense of safety! Not everyone prioritizes things the same – for example people’s importance to socialize or not to socialize during this time. 
  1. Get outside in nature! The sun’s source of vitamin D is good for the body, as well as physical exercise/activities in itself! 
  1. Challenge yourself to stay in the present! Easier said than done, try not to focus too much on what will happen. Bring yourself into the present and focus on what is happening (or not happening) right now. Engage in mindfulness activities. 
  1. Stay connected and reach out if you need support! Talk to trusted friends or family members about what you are feeling. It’s more than okay to talk about your feelings and any concerns you may have! 

Anxiety with Corona Virus (COVID-19) 

Helpful tips: 

  • Avoid excessive exposure to media coverage 
  • Connect through calls/text/internet 
  • Add extra time for daily stress relief 
  • Practice self-care 
  • Focus on your mental health 

For Kids: 

* Reassure them that they’re safe 
* Let them talk about their worries 
* Share your own coping skills 
* Limit their news exposure 
* Create a routine and structure  
For quarantine/isolation: 

* Keep in contact with your loved ones via social media, texts, phone calls 
* Create a daily self-care routine 
* Keep yourself busy: games, books, movies 
* Focus on new relaxation techniques 

Remember – We will get through this. Right now we just need to support and take care of one another!

Coronavirus Disease

The Coronavirus known as COVID-19, has made it into Northeastern Ohio.  We are aware of the concern that many of you have right now regarding its impact in our country and in our own community.  We receive daily updates from the Lake County General Health District and we continue to stay informed about the virus through them and the Center for Disease Control.   

There are steps that we can take to be proactive in regard to the health and wellness in our school and in our community.  Attached is the link to the Ohio Department of Health which provides the latest information regarding COVID-19.  Ohio Department of Health

With the concerns of contamination, we have increased our disinfecting of the common areas of the building.  This includes bathrooms, sinks, drinking fountains, offices, meeting rooms, etc. We also clean regularly classroom surfaces such as doors, desks, and chairs.  We are continually evaluating our process to help contain the spread of germs.  We have also increased cleaning of our school vans.   

You can also help by reinforcing the importance of proper hand-washing as we will do with all our students.  In addition, keeping your children home when they are sick also will help contain the spread of not only COVID-19 but many other viral diseases such as the flu.  Keep your child home if they have a fever. In order to return to school, they must be fever free without the use of Tylenol or Ibuprofen for 24 hours.  

Providing a safe and healthy learning environment is a priority to us at Re-Education Services and we will continue to stay on top of the information regarding COVID-19 and how it impacts the health and wellness of our school.

Below are additional links that can also be found on the CDC website:

Coronavirus FAQs

Coronavirus Prevention

The Jungle Book

The Musical Theater Production, specifically Kids Love Musical (KLM) out of Cleveland, worked with students from both the Bedford and Mentor campuses for several weeks on an adapted version of “The Jungle Book”. The students performed at both locations sharing their talents with students and families.

New Look at Re-Ed

The main entrance at the Mentor campus is undergoing construction to replace the entry doors and the addition of lighting and signage. A welcoming sign is now mounted and additional improvements are underway!

Holiday Cheer!

Choir members in Bedford were getting into the holiday spirit by singing holiday songs for the school and students’ families at the Bedford location. Thanks choir members for spreading the joy!

Intramural Basketball is Back!

Coach "Nea Nea" is leading the Re-Ed Lakers through their intramural basketball season.  With the help of her assistant coach, who is one of our high school students, the players have practices and play games on Thursdays during the school day.  The players learn basketball skills and team skills while having fun. Go Lakers!

Upcoming Events – April

April 7 – No School

April 21 – 1/2 Day – 11:15 Student Dismissal

NCCC Supports Autism

NCCC was developed and created as an opportunity to provide resources, training, and employment for lifelong learners embracing Autism.

The NCCC original concept, building design, and marketing have been a collaboration by students from local schools.   The students of Re-Education benefit and learn weekly at NCCC.  To help support our students and the NCCC program go to www.northcoastcorn.com and make your popcorn purchase today!