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From the President

My day begins at the break of dawn with a prayer of serenity. I understand and welcome the challenges that I will encounter today; In fact, I search for them. My tools are not always those of tangible substance. The tools I bring have been passed down from many generations and have been modified and shaped to fit given opportunities. These tools are a "Gift". A gift of an unbreakable woven fabric that cannot be bought or sold. A fabric of the endangered products built from integrity, compassion, courage, loyalty, understanding and unconditional love. I bring with me opportunities to ignite, instill, inspire, support and challenge.

My success and progress is often measured by society on archaic standards with little recognition of the "human" element. Often the emphasis is on things like, "norm" referencing and standards based assessments. My personal success cannot be measured by ANY formal assessment tool or modern methods. My success is measured by lives: Lives I've touched, shaped, molded, supported and educated.

You "Trust" me...You search me out to be "The One Hope". The one that motivates and empowers your children to become the leaders of our future. I ask for your support in my continued quest...For my hope is also in "You".

Do you have the fabric needed to continue to build as one community, one world so the future of our children will be as it once was?

"I Am A Builder Of Dreams"
By Fred Frisco





Re-Education Services philosophy is based on Therapeutic Crisis Intervention (TCI) and the principles of Nicholas Hobbs . The premises are as follows:

– that all behavior has meaning
– behavior reflects needs


The Principles of Re-Education (Nicholas Hobbs 1982)


Re-Education Services has adopted the 12 principles of Re-Education as a
foundation for recruiting and educating professional, competent, and nurturing

  • Life is to be lived now, not in the past, and lived in the future only as a present challenge.
  • Trust between child and adult is essential…
  • Competence makes a difference, and children and adolescents should be helped to be good at something, and especially at schoolwork.
  • Time is an ally, working on the side of growth in a period of development when life has a tremendous forward thrust.
  • Self-control can be taught and children and adolescents helped to manage their behavior without the development of psycho dynamic insight.
  • Intelligence can be taught. Intelligence is a dynamic, evolving, and malleable capacity for making good choices in living.
  • Feelings should be nurtured, shared spontaneously, controlled when necessary, expressed when too long repressed, and explored with trusted others.
  • The group is very important to young people, and it can become a major source of instruction in growing up.
  • Ceremony and ritual give order, stability, and confidence to troubled children and adolescents, whose lives are often in considerable disarray.
  • The body is the armature of the self, the physical self around which the psychological self is constructed.
  • Communities are important for children and youth, but the uses and benefits of community must be experienced to be learned.
  • A child should know some joy in each day and look forward to some joyous event for the morrow.

Happy New Year!

We hope that all of our families had a wonderful Holiday Season! We will resume classes on January 4 and look forward to seeing everyone then!

Upcoming Events – November

January 4 - School resumes after holidays
January 9 - End of Second Quarter
January 13 - 1/2 Day for Students 11:15 dismissal
January 16 - MLK Day - No School